Weather and Road Condition Updates Are Available

By October 6, 2011News

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has set up four cameras along the Patchwork Parkway to monitor weather and road conditions.  For up to date weather and road conditions along the upper elevations (Brian Head and Cedar Breaks National Monument) go to:

The quick way to find Utah’s Patchwork Parkway – SR 143 is to:

a)      Left Hand column  go to “Traffic Maps” box

b)      Click on “Statewide Map”

c)       Look down at the lower left hand side of the state and find “Parowan” and “Panguitch”

d)      Zoom in on this area and find “Brian Head”

e)      Under “Brian Head” you will see four camera icons

f)       Click on any of these cameras for up to date weather/road conditions

From the left going right:

  1. Milepost 18 located at the base of Brian Head Peak at the highest road elevation
  2. Milepost 22 located east of Cedar Breaks National Monument SR 148 turnoff in the open meadow valley east of “Little Ireland”
  3. Milepost 25 located in the open area near a rare grove of red leaf aspens
  4. Milepost 31 located east of Birch Knoll/lava beds and west of Panguitch Lake

Also, on this website, you can get information on temporary and seasonal road closures, as well as other important traffic information.