Utah’s Patchwork Parkway’s Official Logo Embodies Its Colors, Cultures, and Climates

By September 11, 2012News

Utah’s Patchwork Parkway logo was designed to embody the scenic byway’s theme, “A diverse patchwork of colors, cultures, and climates.” The design is a reflection of the region’s history, cultural traditions, and way of life that is rooted in hard work, perseverance, and community. The logo’s color palette is comprised of hues found along the byway — from the blue sky to the red rock, the colors are pulled directly from the Patchwork Parkway. The logo also pays tribute to the communities’ quilting tradition.

When exploring the byway, visitors encounter a kaleidoscope of colors. Whether it’s the farm fields in Parowan, red rock formations at Vermilion Castle, lush green mountains in Brian Head, fiery landscapes in Cedar Breaks, deep-blue Panguitch Lake, or signature red brick homes in Panguitch, one’s senses are completely engaged. And as the seasons change, so do the magnificent views making each journey on the Patchwork Parkway different than the last.

Many cultures have inhabited the Patchwork Parkway region, including the Native Americans who first settled the area and the Anglo-pioneers who followed. The byway’s dramatic elevation change has defined they way people have historically used the land. For hundreds of years, moving to the high-elevation meadows during the summer and back down to the valleys during the winters has been a tradition. Whether it was for gathering food, grazing livestock, making cheese and butter, hunting, or recreation, the migration from the valleys to the high country endures. The elevation has also influenced how and when the road was traveled. One can only imagine the hardship of early pioneers attempting to travel from Panguitch to Parowan in the middle of winter on a horse and buggy.

The dramatic changes in elevation allow visitors to experience five climatic zones as they travel along the Patchwork Parkway. The geologic features, flora and fauna, wildlife, and natural resources vary in each climatic zone. The transition from one climatic zone to the next offers visitors an ever-changing perspective.

As the visual identifier for Utah’s Patchwork Parkway, the logo was created to honor the historic and cultural significance of the byway. It will be the thread
connecting marketing and promotional materials for years to come.