Parowan Gap is a place of stark beauty, everyday activities and cosmic phenomena. Come travel through time, examine what ancient people have left behind. Learn of native people, Spanish explorers, 19th Century pioneers and read the words of those who have lived here and studied this remarkable place. Like a journal, the natural state of Parowan Gap records the connection between the past, present and future.

Diverse groups of people derive vast and varied meanings from the Parowan Gap through the study of location, geographic features, or the symbolism of the petroglyphs. Discussions of the Gap’s meanings and values continue today as people from all walks of life seek to discover its origin and purpose by considering a host of various theories based in culture, science, oral history and opinion.

Visitors today may virtually travel through time by studying historic records and writings and learning from the experiences of past generations who teach the importance and relevance of this place. Stories of the Gap have been conveyed through diverse perspectives from the Native American people to Spanish Explorers and 19th Century Pioneers. Throughout time, the one consistent thread which ties bygone eras with the people of today is a shared value and appreciation of this site as one of great significance.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Parowan Gap is administered by the Bureau of Land Management. Many groups with special ties to the Gap have partnered with the BLM in a spirit of positive, proactive stewardship and developed interpretative materials for this site including; The Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, the Hopi Tribe, Cedar City/Brian Head Tourism Bureau and the Parowan Heritage Foundation.

Click on this link to open a printable PDF brochure that offers a more information and images about Parowan Gap.

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