Our Mission
Our mission is to preserve, protect, develop, manage and interpret S.R. Hwy 143 in a meaningful and safe manner in order to enhance the visitor’s experience.


Utah’s Patchwork Parkway Committee is made up of public and private entities, businesses, and individuals from three communities and two counties along Highway 143. Utah’s Patchwork Parkway Committee members represent the following entities:

  • Parowan City Commerce
  • Brian Head Town
  • Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah
  • Panguitch City
  • Color Country RC&D
  • Garfield County Utah Office of Tourism
  • Garfield County Travel Council
  • UDOT Region 4
  • Iron County UDOT Region 4 – Cedar District
  • Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism & Convention Bureau
  • Dixie National Forest
  • Five County Association of Governments
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Parowan Heritage Foundation
  • Cedar Breaks National Monument
  • Parowan Chamber of Commerce
  • Brian Head Chamber of Commerce

Utah’s Patchwork Parkway Committee

Scenic Byway 143 Organizing Committee
Tracy Armstrong, Panguitch resident
Tom Barlow, Former Garfield County Circuit Rider Planner
Lloyd Benson, Parowan City Council
Patricia “Pat” Benson, Parowan Chamber of Commerce
Leilani Bentley, Parowan Heritage Foundation
Jared Black, Former Parowan City Manager
Teri Brown, Panguitch residentNancy Dalton, Parowan Heritage Foundation
H.C. Deutschlander, Mayor, Brian Head Town
Reed Erickson, Iron County Circuit Rider Planner
Bruce Fullmer, Garfield County Travel Council
Justin Fischer, Garfield County Circuit Rider Planner
Allen Henrie, Panguitch City Manager
Nathan Merrill, UDOT Region 4
Joe Price, Brian Head Chamber of Commerce
Leland Pollack, Panguitch City Council
Paul Roelandt, Cedar Breaks National Monument Superintendent
James Robinson, Mayor, Parowan City
Anne Stanworth, Bureau of Land Management
Greg Stauffer, Southern Utah University
Kent Traveller, Dixie National Forest
Maria Twitchell, Iron County Travel Council

Further Support Given By:

Alma Adams, Iron County Commissioner
Glen Ames, UDOT Statewide Planning
Lois Bulloch, Iron County Commissioner
Art Cooper, Mayor, Panguitch City
Maloy Dodds, Garfield County Commissioner
Gael Hill, Utah State Byways Coordinator
Margaret Godfrey, Former Coordinator, Utah State Byways
Dell LeFevre, Garfield County Commissioner
Dorena Martineau, Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah
Scott Munson, UDOT Region 4
Janet Oldham, Former Mayor, Panguitch City
Clare Ramsay, Garfield County Commissioner
Clayton Ramsay, Former Color Country RC&D Coordinator
Gene Roundy, Former Iron County Commissioner
Ron Smith, Former Mayor, Parowan City
Wayne Smith, Iron County Commissioner
Dennis Stowell, Former Iron County Commissioner, State Senator
Rick Torgerson, UDOT Region 4
Vicki Tyler, Color Country RC&D Coordinator
John S. Williams, Former Executive Director, Five County Association of Governments

Funding Provided By:
Garfield County Commission
Garfield County Travel Council
Iron County Commission
Iron County Travel Council
Brian Head Town
Panguitch City
Parowan City
U.S. Federal Highways Administration through the Utah Department of Transportation

Photography Credits:
Parowan Historical Preservation Commission
Parowan’s Daughters of Utah Pioneers photography collection
Parowan Heritage Foundation
Parowan Utah Website
Nancy Dalton
Jerry Bixman
Five County Association of Governments
Nathan Merrill
Ed Carroll Photography
Teri Brown
Vickie Tyler
Thomas Barlow
Mark Wade – Tourism Development Consulting LLC

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